Reservoir 100 Proof 100% Wheat Whiskey

Reservoir 100 Proof 100% Wheat Whiskey

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"When we first created our Wheat Whiskey, only two other American distillers were making this expression. Our first experience with wheat was while producing four-grain bourbon. It captured our senses and imagination, and we began to wonder what a pure Wheat Whiskey might taste like. With a 100% wheat mash bill, our Wheat Whiskey is the softest of our three expressions and unique to any other American style whiskey on the market. Locally sourced at Renwood Farm, our wheat produces a buttery, savory, and very easy to drink whiskey."

"Many are drawn to the smoothness of a wheated bourbon, and our expression is bottled at 100-proof/50%ABV so that you can proof the spirit down to your liking and taste. We recommend trying our Wheat Whiskey neat—to establish a baseline, then adding a touch of water or a single ice cube to temper the proof. We’re of the mindset that you should always play with your food."

Awarded Whiskey of 2019 by CigarLovers Magazine
Awarded Gold at 2021 SFWSC


Nose: Port, hint of oak, honey, and caramel notes
Palate: Velvet texture, sweet but not cloying (given the lack of corn), perfumed notes of rose petals
Finish: Orange peels, herbaceous, and honeyed with a long lasting mouth feel

ABV: 50%
Volume: 750ml