Most Ultimate Whisky Champs 2021

Most Ultimate Whisky Champs 2021

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Drink whisky. Guess what it is. Win prizes!

Introducing the Most Ultimate Whisky Champs 2021 (MUWC). 

  • 6x 20ml whisky samples delivered to your door.
  • Guess the whiskies (or get close) for a chance to win one of a bunch of prizes, and the title of Most Ultimate Whisky Champ
  • Team up to increase your chances of winning or go it alone to try to keep the prizes for yourself!
  • 15 Dec 2021, 8:00pm AEDT - the blind virtual tasting event.
  • $49 per pack + $15 flat rate delivery (up to 4 packs)

Tell me more!

It's a virtual tasting except we don’t tell you what you’re drinking… you tell us. 

We send you a kit of 6 whiskies, and on the night of Wednesday, 15 December, jump online to join Australia’s favourite virtual blind whisky tasting competition. 

Over the course of 1 hour:

  1. We will sample 6 whiskies blind
  2. You submit an online form telling us what you’re drinking
  3. We score you
  4. If you win, you are crowned Most Ultimate Whisky Champ and WIN big whisky prizes!!!

Throughout the tasting, we have an expert panel of whisky gurus, experts, distillers, blenders, bartenders and even drinkers tasting and guessing live with you at home, maybe they get it right, maybe they throw in a couple of red herrings. Who cares. We’re here mostly to have fun. 

Whoever scores the highest gets instant bragging rights as the MOST ULTIMATE WHISKY CHAMP and the grand prize! We've also get a bunch of other prizes for runners ups!

BONUS: This is our virtual end of year party for being part of Whisky Lovers Australia, The Whisky Show and The Whisky List. Just a fun chill way to get together and end the year with some whisky.

How does guessing work?

  • First, buy a MUWC Kit, obviously.
  • Kits will be sent to your nominated home / work / temple or domicile. 
  • In your kits there will be 6x whiskies numbered 1 - 6. 
  • You will have 10mins per whisky to guess what each whisky is along with some attributes about each whisky. This way if you guess the country, cask type and distillery correctly, you’re in the running to be named the Ultimate Champ. Super easy right? Drink, guess… WIN!


You have the chance to score 10 points for each whisky. There are 5 categories and we have given each category a weighted score. The harder categories to guess earn the highest points. Whoever gets the highest score out of 60 wins. 

  1. Whisky Name / Expression = 4 points
  2. Distillery = 2 points
  3. Country = 2 points
  4. Type = 1 point
  5. Cask = 1 point

Whisky Name and Distillery will be free form text. Country, Type and Cask choices will be presented via a multiple choice drop down list.  

In the event we have a tie, we will go to a live sudden death round - you will be invited into the livestream and our MC will ask you a series of whisky themed questions. Best out of 3 wins. 


    1. Bragging rights for life. Seriously! 
    2. What’s a blind whisky tasting without throwing in some prizes to match. And what prize do ULTIMATE WHISKY CHAMPS get? MORE WHISKY cause why not haha. 

    You get a prize, you get prize! We have whisky themed prizes for the top 4 entries (team or individual), with the grand prize for the overal winning champ(s)!

    Bonus Prizes - Cause its been a shit year and we want to hand out free stuff!

    • For most random/obscure whisky themed guess
    • For best Facebook / Youtube comment during livestream 

    How do I enter as a team?

    Totally! During checkout, just add up to 4x kits and make sure you register a team. Team entries are eligible for the team prize. How you share it, well that’s for the winning team to decide. We suggest gather your mates round, fire up the bbq or cheese platter, or paired with your favourite beers and just devour the bottle. Safely of course. 

    Do I have to be a regular whisky drinker to participate?

    We welcome everyone! We’re all about sharing a laugh or two first. As such, we promise all 6 whiskies you need to correctly guess MUST be available to buy within Australia and sourced across the country in regular retail outlets. Special edition one-off release bottlings of 1 out of 30 are out, as are crazy Japanese whiskies that cost $1k+ per bottle and other crazy bottlings. You can basically find any of these 6 whiskies at any online indie whisky bottleshop and you definitely can find them online at

    Must be 18 years of age or older and located in Australia to participate.