Glenglassaugh 10yo 2009 Aleatico Wine Cask Whisky Show Exclusive

Glenglassaugh 10yo 2009 Aleatico Wine Cask Whisky Show Exclusive

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The Whisky Show Exclusive Single Cask, Cask Strength Bottling

- Cask #2213
- Cask Type: Aleatico Wine Cask
- Distilled 10/12/2009, bottled 16/12/2019
- Number of bottles: 441 - ABV: 54.3%

Tasting notes
Nose: Strawberry jam, white chocolate, watermelon, pears, apricots and vanilla

Palate: Red jelly beans, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, liquorice root, earthy and mineral

Want to own a piece of Glenglassaugh History?

Since 1875 the Glenglassaugh distillery has sat quietly on the edge of the picturesque Sandend Bay, breathing in the North Sea air which flows through its warehouses and invigorates its sweet Highland spirit with notes of the sea. Silent for a period of more than 20 years, the distillery was re-awakened in 2008 and its stills brought back to life.

The Whisky Show brings you the first 10 year old single malt released by Glenglassaugh in the world, since it reopened - exclusive to Australia

Those familiar with Glenglassaugh's younger expressions will know that they show depth of character found in older whiskies. Coastal maturation and the influence of the North Sea area nourishing the whisky in the casks, leads to great depth of character. The reawakened spirit, shaped by the land and the sea, and slowly handcrafted in small batches with mineral rich water yields rich, luscious, succulent fruitiness and depth of character.