Drinks With Roborel De Climens: Breakeven Tasting

Drinks With Roborel De Climens: Breakeven Tasting

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25 Mar 2021 @ 7:30pm AEDT | 5x 20ml samples | $59.99 delivered

Join us for a virtual tastings of whiskies from an intriguing new brand of French whiskies, Roborel De Climens. We'll be joined by special guests, Paul Hervy of Brix Fin Wines and Ben Mitchell of Moreish Wines.

New artisanal single malt whiskies created by Aymeric Roborel de Climens, an ex-oenologist & winemaker that worked for more than 20 years for different producers in Bordeaux. These whiskies are 100% French from the beginning to the end, using his old family distillery and all the resources to make the whiskies are sourced from within the country.

With his experience in the wine industry, Aymeric selects the best wine barrels from each winery for finishing his whiskies (usually 6-18 months). He creates a unique identity, style & flavour to each of his releases. He has mainly been using Cognac, Merlot and Sauternes barrels but has recently been expanding into the many different types of wine barrel that you find in France, even making the world’s first whisky aged in an Amphora to make something completely different and rare.

These are small batch limited whiskies that are unique to the certain barrel that is picked for each batch, believing that each whisky is imbued with the flavour of the grape variety & terroirs of each region.

Whiskies on taste (20ml each):

  1. Roborel De Climens Semillon Cask 46%
  2. Roborel De Climens Rosé Cask 40%
  3. Roborel De Climens Merlot Cask 43%
  4. Roborel De Climens Sauv Blanc Cask 40%
  5. Roborel De Climens Cab Franc Cask 46%
If you like what you taste, you will also have first access to buy any of these whiskies!

Instructions to join tasting will be emailed out ahead of time.