Drinks With Manly Spirits: Coastal Stone Single Malt Whisky Virtual Tasting
Drinks With Manly Spirits: Coastal Stone Single Malt Whisky Virtual Tasting
Drinks With Manly Spirits: Coastal Stone Single Malt Whisky Virtual Tasting
Drinks With Manly Spirits: Coastal Stone Single Malt Whisky Virtual Tasting
Drinks With Manly Spirits: Coastal Stone Single Malt Whisky Virtual Tasting

Drinks With Manly Spirits: Coastal Stone Single Malt Whisky Virtual Tasting

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29 Sep 2021 @ 7pm AEST | 5x 20ml samples | $75 delivered

The award winning Manly Spirits Distillery (NSW) known for their amazing coastal gins and botanical vodkas has partnered with us to launch their 1st single malt whisky called Coastal Stone. You will be some of the very first in the world to try it.

Presented by Manly Spirit's CEO and Cofounder David Whittaker and Master Distiller Reg Papps, we'll be tasting:

  • New Make Spirit 63.5% ABV

  • Sherry Cask 46% ABV - 1st Release Single Malt Whisky

  • Bourbon Cask 50% ABV - Work-in-progress sample

  • Pinot Cask 50% ABV - Work-in-progress sample

  • Ginger Beer Cask 46% ABV - Work-in-progress sample

On taste includes some work-in-progress whisky samples from some of their upcoming releases and new make spirit, this is as close as it gets to visiting the distillery directly while so many of us are under lockdown, we're bringing the distillery experience home to you. 


Prior to the event, we will email all ticket holders a Zoom link to access the virtual tasting.

Important Deets:

WHEN: 29 Sept @ 7PM AEST

Tickets will go on sale this Sunday 29th Aug 7pm to TWL & WLA member's first with a special TWL Whisky Lovers pre-sale pricing = $75. If you haven't subscribed, visit https://thewhiskylist.com.au/members

(*after a few days price will increase to $89)



To celebrate the launch of Manly Spirits 1st single malt whisky, they are running a very special ballot where a select few will receive access to all 5 batches of Manly Spirits upcoming expressions.

Sherry Cask Batch One is only available in ‘Single Bottle’ Ballot or ‘Complete Element Series Set’ Ballot.  Batch One will not be available anywhere else (retail or otherwise).  

Click here for full details about this awesome ballot.




Manly Spirits Co. Distillery has unveiled their much anticipated FIRST RELEASE Single Malt Whisky, Coastal Stone. Coastal Stone - Element Series consists of five unique and distinct whisky styles from five different casks; sherry, pinot, bourbon, port and shiraz.  Sherry cask will be the first release available late August with the full set available on pre-sale for those who don’t want to miss out on collecting all five from the series. The remaining expressions will be released every couple of months over the next year. All casks were distilled & laid down 4 years ago, being expressions of the maritime elements and raw nature of the Australian coast, combined with the desire to create a whisky that exceeds expectations.


Under Manly Spirits Co’s new whisky brand, COASTAL STONE, which they felt captured the true essence of where this whisky has been distilled and matured on the coast of Sydney with homage to the sandstone cliffs which with time and the eroding elements have become landmarks of our stunning coastal line of the Northern Beaches and Sydney Harbour. The whisky has been captured in a contemporary glass bottle, sculptured with the eroded textures of weathered sandstone cliffs that border our coastline and sealed with a truly unique Sydney Sandstone stopper.


“We didn’t think it was possible to be able to use real Sydney sandstone on the stopper – in fact, we were told it wasn’t possible,” says Vanessa Wilton, Co-founder, and designer of Coastal Stone. “But we’ve never shied away from a challenge here at Manly Spirits. Those finer details of the bottle design, stopper, label – it’s all important to us.  So much time and thought goes into every aspect of creating the whisky, so it’s no different when it comes to designing the vessel it will be housed in.”


This very limited first release celebrates a journey of passion and self-belief that started 5 years ago when David Whittaker and Vanessa Wilton decided to build the Northern Beaches first distillery laying down some exceptional whisky, expertly crafted with a balance of tradition and innovation which has now been awaken from its long slumber to be enjoyed.


A refined spirit that respects our Sydney climate, created from grain to glass with no shortcuts, no strict timelines, just premium ingredients with true artisan skill. Rich in complex flavours, each expression tells the story of our distillers’ creativity and experimentation to create exquisite yet approachable whisky.

Founder and Distiller, David Whittaker said “It has been a true passion since my twenties to create whisky that embraces our home turf and uses techniques of fermenting well-learnt from our surrounding craft brewing industry. Adding a barrel selection policy mastered from the Scots with an Australian way of pushing tradition slightly aside we have been able to create a premium Australian whisky that reflects our artisan way of doing things”.


“Holding back this release has been the hardest thing when you just want to share it with those who have been following the Manly Spirits Co. journey. Allowing our barrels another 6 months to hit that flavour profile which you feel will make it standout and be a proud representation of our whisky has made the wait all worthwhile.” said Vanessa Wilton.


Being a special moment in the life of a distillery made us decide to package our first release whisky in a special gift cylinder box to be used to house your Coastal Stone whiskies into the future. With leather fastening straps, enviro bamboo wood base and two quality wooden coasters, the gift cylinder is designed to protect the whisky bottle over time and in-between travels.  Coastal Stone Whisky is destined to be enjoyed in the company of good conversation and memorable moments because there’s nothing quite like sharing a fine dram with friends.  


Supporting our Aussie farmers all our grain is grown and malted in Australia with the new make spirit for Coastal Stone Whisky is distilled at the Manly Spirits Distillery from grain to glass. Our fermentation is gentle and slow. We mash Australian ale malt to extract the malt sugars which are then slowly converted by a blend of yeasts in slow fermentation over a minimum of 5 days.


Our wash is double distilled in our uniquely designed copper pot stills to produce a clean, sweet, and malty new make spirit. The clean qualities are delivered by tall stills with upward sloping lyne arms and the spirit still onion which add additional reflux and spirit purity. In the final spirit run our distillers take a small foreshot cut and slow the still right down to further enhance the spirit for optimum barrel maturation.


The inaugural Coastal Stone Single Malt Whisky first release is from our first 8 barrels of ex Australian Sherry/Apera casks that were filled in our first year of distilling. The casks were sourced from coopers in Tasmania and South Australia where they were shaved and re-charred into 100L and 225L formats. The casks were all ‘first fill’ having never had whisky in them before, providing an amazing richness in flavour. The combination of these 2 cask sizes has enabled us to produce a lovely balance of oak, sherry, and Manly Spirits Distillery's clean new make spirit.  It has resulted in a robust flavoured and complex whisky which speaks to its Australian heritage and gives a hint of what’s to come in future expressions of Manly Spirits Coastal Stone whisky.