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Archie Rose A Whisky In Every Port

Archie Rose A Whisky In Every Port

A Whisky In Every Port is the fourth release in our Trials & Exceptions series—a collection of limited-release spirits that seeks to uncover our most exceptional single casks and small batch trials, offering first-hand insights into the raw ingredients, processes and people involved in the production of our spirits.

This Single Malt Whisky began its journey in 50-year-old LBV port casks, before being married in 225-litre Australian tawny casks. Featuring six malts that complement the richness imparted by the union of old and new world port casks, A Whisky In Every Port offers notes of figs, espresso, tobacco and prunes.

A Whisky In Every Port’s mash bill consists of pale malt, peated, amber, caramel, aromatic roasted and chocolate malts.

700ml Bottle Size. 50% Alc/Vol